dental crowns

What to Know About Dental Crowns in Holland IL

When you have chipped, cracked, or broken teeth, the damage can be repaired using a dental crown or tooth cap. In some minor cases of tooth damage, fillings can be used as the preferred restorative treatment. Although fillings are cheaper, there are not as strong as crowns unless the damage is minimal and located in your front teeth. Otherwise crowns are the preferred option. 

Crowns can be successfully used to treat various dental problems, including:

  • Decay – that has affected more than half the tooth, such that a filling cannot be used 
  • To strengthen the tooth structure following root canal therapy 
  • Broken or fractured teeth 
  • To replace large fillings 
  • To fix chips and cracks 
  • To close small gaps between teeth 
  • To support dental bridges when replacing missing teeth 

How the Dental Crown Procedure is Done 

Most people are good candidates for tooth crowns, which makes them one of the most popular dental restoration procedures for people of all ages. Tooth caps can also be recommended as a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of damaged teeth.

Numbing the damaged tooth and gum tissue is the first step of the procedure. After the cavity is cleaned and disinfected, the dentist will remove any decay and prepare the site for the filling material. Digital impressions will be taken, which will be used to create your custom crown to ensure that it is the same color as your teeth. Your teeth and smile will look better if you desire a different color. 

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